Interior designer in Westlake Village, Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. We offer full interior design from kitchen remodeling,  drapery,  window treatments, decorating, home decor and furnishing.

Alexandra Rae has designed beautiful homes for clients throughout the country. Her rooms are a clever mix of clean, traditional lines, unusual objets d’art and vintage luxury furnishings. Rae is a visual artist who followed in the footsteps of her artist father and grandfather. After studying French and Art History at the University of California, Santa Barbara, she spent a decade in advertising. Postgraduate study at the San Francisco Art Institute and Atlanta Portfolio Center of Design, later led to a career as an art director. Eventually, she realized her greatest passion was in art directing interiors, pursued further study in interior design, and opened her eponymous firm in 2006.

Alexandra Rae, Owner/Principal Designer

"I always focus on a home as a sanctuary."

"My spaces tend to be eclectic, comfortable mixes of fresh new pieces with vintage modern finds, antiques, and tactile fabrics. I create spaces that are sophisticated and pulled together, yet feel layered and lived-in. I like to mix both styles and qualities and think something should always be a little 'off.'  I especially love the contrast of something avante garde in a more traditional space. As Diana Vreeland once said, 'Every room should have at least one thing that is garish.'  To me, that's the best, most exciting design; like a lively dinner party between opinionated personalities. Wouldn’t you rather sit next to the person at that table who might say something off-color, than be bored sitting next to a person who never does?"


 "Lived-in and layered is far more sophisticated and comfortable than perfect."


"While I love the look of layered, eclectic design, I think classic lines or silhouettes are the most important bones of a room. I rarely deviate from the forms that have worked for centuries. Most importantly, I am always focused on a home as a sanctuary of comfort. I want my clients to feel that every time they walk through the door."